Rare Find: Saint JHN – Relfex

Saint JHN

Saint JHN is on the Come Up

It’s always a good feeling to come across an artist on YouTube or Soundcloud, or any other platform that isn’t mainstream media. When you find an artist you’ve never heard of, and no one around you discovered them before you, it feels like hidden treasure.

I did a little research to find out Saint JHN comes from Brooklyn, NY and was a rapper before he became a singer. His name comes from his government name, Carlos Saint John. Saint JHN broke through the industry by writing for Usher and receiving co-writing credits for a couple Usher tracks. Having professional experience in the industry under his belt, he began writing for other artists until realizing he could pull off his ideas better than others could.

Checkout this quote from an interview with Fader he did in 2016:

I think I deserve to be in every room that I’m in. I think qualified to be there. I think my talent says it all and my skill set says it all. My ability to craft records says it all. I still have out of body experiences. If you put me in a room with someone else I’m going to be like, “Yo dude do you know who you are? Do you know? I know. I grew up listening to you.” But, I feel like I belong wherever I am.

Checkout the official video to my personal favourite of his few records available online, “Relfex”. I have a feeling the world is going to be more familiar with Saint JHN very soon.


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