Karma X Wave

About Us

KarmaXwave is a culture collective, full-service entertainment firm, and fashion brand offering unique streetwear in collaboration with Ethik Clothing and Deep Lifestyles. Our roots are in Toronto, but our connections reach across the globe.

Staying true to our name, we believe that what you put out always comes back, and we are committed to only putting out the best. We are highly-skilled, passionate, and committed to creating a wave of good karma in our industry by producing high-quality game-changing work and offering the best in fashion.

The Hub



Our facility features two recording studios specifically designed to not only provide a high-performance recording experience, but also place clients in an environment that cultivates artistic innovation.


Our video team includes creative directors, videographers, and producers that can bring any story to life through with impressive visuals.


Whether you’re looking to create the right logo, cover art for your work, or a want to finesse a project by adding a stunning design layer, our artists can bring your message or brand to life.


We host art, music, and fashion events in our creative space and often use this platform to promote local talent. Our team also includes professional event planners who can provide counsel and support on everything from creative event concept, planning, and execution.


Our professionals work with artists as trusted advisors to develop in areas that make a meaningful difference to an artist’s career path: branding, styling, musical coaching, sound recording, touring and showcasing, video production, marketing and promotion.


Our marketing/pr/digital team are experts at creating the most compelling stories to market and share through the right channels to reach the right audiences at the most opportune times.




Contact Us

1230 St Clair Ave W
Toronto, ON M6E 1B7


+1 416 410 0230

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